About Us

Its All About You

Your project is the most important job I have.  

Have a complete script and are ready to record?  Fabulous!  Let's get to work.

You direct as we record, or advise the direction in advance and receive the audio tracks.

The audio can be dry, or a completely produced file with music and sound effects.  

The options are yours.

No project is too small or too large.

Your needs are addressed upfront to ensure the result you were looking for.

Or perhaps you are looking for some ideas on how to kick off that campaign you wanted to implement.

Your business success is my success and I will do everything I can to help make that happen.

Let Creative Copy Work For You

Need more than a voice actor?

We can help with that.

Straight copy or Theatre of the Mind - the choice is yours.   when it comes to getting your message across, you have come to the "write" place. 

You benefit from engaging spots and audio that capture the listener and get your message heard and responded to.

The Value of Experience

 Writing, editing and producing Theatre-of-the-Mind bits for radio morning shows and syndicated programming has been a plus for Clients.

Being surrounded by creative talented individuals is the key to success and growth in any industry.  We are fortunate to have Award winning talent nearby to help at a moments notice. 

Londonvox Productions Inc, a hybrid ad agency is available if you have a need for media buys, events,  and graphic art.

Whatever your needs, be assured we have a clear vision on how important budget, media buying and overall production costs affect your bottom line and can help you keep those numbers in check.

On the Project Board

 Current ongoing projects include: 

  • Producing and editing a syndicated two hour weekly radio show:"And Then There Was That"  with Sonny Hollywood Chase
  • Non-union Freelance Voice Actor for clients throughout the U.S including automotive dealers and groups.
  • Imaging  Liners and Promos for radio and syndicated shows.
  • Creative Writer - for hire.
  • Graphic Artist 
  • Artist
  • Author:  The Loss World (c) 2013
  • Playwright:  The Loss World Monologues (c) 2015
  • Co-Author: The Boy Box(c)2018